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South East Makers Club

The South East Makers Club is a series of events held every year for London Design Festival. Since 2016 it has put South East London on the map during LDF by celebrating the makers, designers and all-round creative talent of the area via exhibitions, talks, workshops, a makers market and even a design-themed pub quiz.

The core SEMC visual identity is based around building blocks, geometric shapes and a simple typographic style. Each year the identity is modified and a new colour palette is used and if appropriate additional graphic devices for that year’s programme of events are introduced. Each year specific designs are created for posters, flyers, adverts for online and print use, signage and wayfinding, social media assets as well as design and management of the SEMC website.

In 2018 the South East Makers Club was based in Deptford, around the historic Deptford Market Yard. The site originally consisting of a ramp leading up to the nearby railway line that allowed horse-drawn carriages to ascend and exchange goods. In recent years the yard has been redeveloped into residential and community units and SEMC have been granted access to use some of the unoccupied units for their programmed weekend. Yellow was chosen as that year’s brand colour and a logo and graphic style was developed taking inspiration from the yard’s distinctive arch ways that still support the Deptford Market Yard carriage ramp.