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Walters Way & Segal Close

Walters Way and Segal Close are two roads in South East London that contain twenty unusual homes, not only in the way they look but in the way they were conceived and built. The original buildings were designed by Modernist architect Walter Segal, part of a council-run scheme enabled ordinary people to build their own homes. Thirty years later the original plots are still in use but many of the buildings have been adapted or modified to meet the needs of today’s residents.

The book outlines the characteristics of the Segal houses and documents how the homes were originally designed and built in the first section before giving insight into what life is like on the two streets, featuring photography and interviews with the modern day residents and some of the original self builders, many of whom still live there today.

The walls of the majority of the Segal houses have a distinctive grid, holding the interior and exterior boards in place; this was in turn employed throughout the book as a structural device for text and image.

Walters Way & Segal Close is published by Park Books.